Tuesday, 14 June 2011


If you cut into me do I not bleed red the same as you, this means we are the same beneath the skin, it should not matter what colour my skin is and what is inked upon it or carved into it, we are all human we are all flesh and blood, yet we are divided in the fact that you think I am crazy for doing the things I do to change my body into a living breathing canvas and in turn I think you’re crazy for being plain with no colour the difference is I do not enforce my opinion onto you because you choose to live this way, in the end those who are not tattooed will always insert their unwanted opinion on those of us who choose to walk a different path to the one that is most traveled.


Darkness inside said...

this is me in all my tattooed glory, i dont like my photo being taken but like this pic

Anonymous said...

I never liked tattoos until my grandmother died. I have a large tattoo of red roses with a scroll and "abuela" in Goth lettering. My family hates it. I love it and never thought I would di it!.

Joyce Lansky said...

Tattoos look like they would hurt, and I don't like needles. What you choose to do is your business.

Congrats on starting a new blog. I hope you have fun with it. I'm from GBE 2 and am following you.


Darkness inside said...

@ Joyce to be honest i dont like needles either lol i know its strange because of the tattoos but i look away when having blood taken :)

@ Justlife57 i'm pretty much the black sheep in my family, they don't like my Ink, i love the art form behind it and each one of my tattoos has meaning including the full sleeve :)