Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Hello blogging world

Hello blogging world, I'm new to blogging i just started out, I am a poet and writer my work can be found at, writing is my passion the written word is like a drug that i can't seem to get enough of, always reading and learning new things, art is another major thing in my life, i can not draw or paint to save my life but i love it, my body is decorated with Ink to represent my love of art, i am a living breathing canvas and loving every minute of it :) I am an open book for the world to see so feel free to ask any questions you like, i will answer them all, i have a tendency to say what is on my mind and i don't sugarcoat it, some might perceive it as arrogance but its not the case its just the way i am. 


Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

A good start to your blogging career. Because it can be a career, an outlet for your writing. We never had this when I was younger, but now you can express yourself, and if people don't like they can keep away.


Darkness inside said...

well said Peter, same here we didn't have this type of thing when i grew up I'm an 80s baby, for me this is another medium to reach out with my writing something i have embraced and i love it, i didn't start thinking about doing a blog seriously until last night but know I'm glad i took that step and started it.

Marian said...

This is very artistically done! A lovely blog!