Thursday, 16 June 2011

Well worn track

we walk aimlessly along the same well worn track of life, many times we will slip into the undercurrent of fog that lines this road, lost and unsure where we are and how to get back on track, most brave the fog and find that track again, others linger and wilt away without any hope of return, sometimes a hand of a savior will reach out and be the guiding light back, but at times it might seem like that hand will never come and the other travelers on this track are deaf to your calls, that's when you have to stand without fear in your heart and march forth blind but with purposes and determination for it takes a strong willed mind to stand back up when fallen but it takes a braver mind to say i need help, not all the ears of the deaf will respond to your call and they flutter away in a blur like a faded memory, but one will be there so vivid and bright to reach down with outstretched hand and say "I hear you clearly my friend".


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Anonymous said...

Really wonderful!

JulieDD said...

I love the picture of the fading road/tree!

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

A very nice post my friend.