Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Modified Life

We all search in life for who we are grasping at the social stereotypes of what we are meant to be and then conforming to those clichés as if they are the only option, most people will never be who they want to be for fear of being labelled different from this herd mentality of the supposed normality of society, but what society in general doesn't understand that they shouldn't judge people based on what they look like just because we make the choice to modify our bodies doesn't mean we deserve to be treated differently we all have the same blood running through our bodies, we are all human beings and we should be treated that way, we are all put on this pedestal for the rest of the world to view us, to judge us as if we need their approval, god forbid if you break away and become a unique individual than those haters out there will try to bring you down to their level of childish taunts because we are different, in life be who you want to be, it's more liberating living life free and enjoying it than getting to the end of your time and have remorse for not be yourself for fear of what others would think of you.


Jo said...

`"have remorse for not being yourself" Just think that line alone is a whole book! So many people do exactly that, don't they? Glad you don't and glad I don't have to worrying about that happening. I will never wish I had been ME, cuz that is ALL I am. Good job!

Darkness inside said...

It irks me the label's society has made for themselves especially in schools and i feel it can be psychologically damaging to ones self esteem if you don't fall into that click or group that you want to be in, or they just reject that person based on some trivial flaw, i look at all the crazy things people do just to fit in and find it worrying that they are willing to change everything about themselves just to be popular.
I love that line Jo "I will never wish I had been ME, cuz that is ALL I am" well said :)