Thursday, 23 June 2011

Open letter to the world

This is an open letter to the rest of the world, i have sat here and watched this world fade and wilt away under its own failings and we as a people have no one to blame but ourselves for the situation we are in, I am but one man what difference can I make, I can't make a difference, i can't speak for the rest of the world, each person needs to stand up and let their own voices be heard, but i can have my say and let my own voice be heard.
Does one decide to follow blindly behind another or are some men born with the instinct to lead those that are to blind to lead themselves, without fail those to weak to have their own opinion will always be manipulated by those willing to preach the word that has corrupted their hearts, campaigns and vendetta's that fuel their inner prejudice that masks their own fears, whether its based on someone's skin colour, race or simply because they worship a different religion.
Ignorance, not realizing that we are all the same, we are all human, we eat, love, sleep, work.
All of us breathe the same air, yet we sit here in the comforts of our homes watching our TVs, listening to our Ipods as millions die every year through conflict, persecution, poverty and disease.
What we don't seem to understand is that our life can end in the blink of an eye, we are just a drop of water in the sea of life.
Every second, minute and hour of everyday should be treasured not wasted on conflict, we have many threats that we face daily as a people, from starvation disease and mother nature, we have homelessness and poverty on a global scale, people living on the streets wondering were their next meal is coming from or if they will be safe from violence and abuse if they made the wrong choice to they their head down to rest for the night, but billions are being spent fighting each other, when will this world realize that we should be working together for a better world instead of killing each other off on an industrial scale, as a people we are good at mass production but is death really something that should be mass produced.
The politicians sit in their ivory towers making judgement calls that affect all of us, but in a whole they want whats best for themselves and their political party, going back and forth arguing what is best for us, but never asking us what we want, just telling us what they think, no one power should have the say for the rest of us, a decision should be made for the people by the people, not a figure head blinded by infighting to know what is best for the society that they say they stand for protecting.
As a people though no one will stand up we all complain from the comforts of our homes about all the political unrest and are all divided on the current issues affecting there country, but come the next commercial on TV than the problem is solved something else has distracted us and the issue they were arguing has vanished, this out of sight out of mind mentality, if it doesn't affect me than why should i bother, I am guilty of this many times over.
This never ending cycle of violence is being passed onto the next generation who has to guide this world, old vendettas recycled for a new generation, this is something that won't change in my generation, you can't click off years of distrust, but you have to ask yourself this do you want your children, grand children or even your great grand children left with a world that is scarred and battered and filled with conflict, poverty and disease, knowing full well that right here right now you could have made a deference but choose to ignore the problem.
We as a people are extremely self centered if it doesn't revolve around out lives than why should we care, well nearly everyone that reads this open letter will ignore it and not care what has been said, but that's all i can do is show them the door its up to you now if you decide to walk through it.
I can not physically change the world that is impossible, i can not change the minds of over 6 billion people and tell them how to act and live their lives.
The question you are asking yourselves is what gives me the right to say this, what makes him think he can speak for the world and all the people, well nothing, I have no faith and i have no political affiliation, I am an average Joe nothing makes me special, but even i can see that we are screwing this beautiful planet of ours.


Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Enjoyed your post - a lot of thought went into it.

Just some advice when writing online, pleaes leave a space between paragraphs because it can be difficult to read on a computer.

keep writing!

Darkness inside-Ink said...

thanks for the advice im only new to blogging so i didnt think to put a space between the paragraphs, ill remember that for next time i write something so long :)

Darkness inside-Ink said...
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PonyDog said...

Well thought out and Written Tick-Tick goes the Mind Whrilling and Twrilling Thru the Sleepless Nights of Questions that May Never Be Answered But Must Be Heard.